Myanmar Buddhist Orphanage Association ( M.B.O.A )

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The Myanmar Buddhist Orphanage Association (MBOA) is an all boys' Orphanage located in Mandalay on the grounds of a Buddhist monastery.

Administered by Chief Abbot, U Sandi Mar, the orphanage provides more than just feeding and accommodation for these young men. They receive primary education, and training in the areas of technical and domestic skills that will prepare them for life in the real world.

They also participate in team sports, and receive emotional and spiritual guidance, free from prejudice in regards to their religious and racial backgrounds, which are varied as the boys are from various regions all over Myanmar.


The Aims Of M.B.O.A

  1. To provide the children with shelter, with lots of love, care, compasions, kindness and understanding.
  2. To help the children mentally, physically, emotionally and spritually.
  3. To overcome their bruised and abused emotions and to help them in their school lessons and to develop study habits.
  4. To motivate the children to be success in life, to strive for excellences in their lives and to study well.
  5. To teach them proper values, standard life and to be good self-reliant and responsible citizens.
  6. To support qualified children who can strive for higher instituation of learning in academic studies and vocational training.



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